BAH New Board of Directors 2013-14 

(From Left, Khaled Zulfiqar Khan, Nahida Naser, S M Azad, Shah Haleem (Mithu),
S M Haleem (Mitu), Syeda Kusum Kali and Maleque Choudhury)

Congratulations to all the newly elected officers
For Inauguration Ceremony photos (Click here)

BAH management is excited to share that the Phase-1 construction of Bangladesh American Center
has began on July 02, 2012.
Here is a short BAC construction video link: (Click here)
Video Clip of Bangladesh American Center Construction Project  03/03/2013 (Click Here)
See the latest progress of BAC Construction taken Dec 8, 2012 (Click here)
See BAC Expense Report as of January 14, 2013 (Click here)

The Second Bangladesh American Center Donor Conference (BACDC2) held on November 3, 2012
at the Stafford Civic Center. Main attraction of the event was a Concert by Miles Group from Bangladesh.
(Go to our Photo Gallery for photos) or (click here)
Mitu sent me text in the morning to send the Picnic poster.
Here it is.
Here is the link also

BAC Donor Conference video of June 04, 2011 (by Azadul Haq)
BAC History in Photos since inception (by Naz Husain)

Bi-weekly Sunday BAC Clinic
From 2:00pm to 5:00pm – starting February 26, 2012.
Call 281-886-7822 for schedule (Click here for poster)
Click for Clinic Sign)

See Bangla Pathshala poster (click here)

We thank our patrons