Bangla Natok "Shubochon Nirbashone"
was staged on June 30 at the Stafford Civic Center
in front of the packed audience.
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Coming Soon - First Ever Statue
"Victory of Bangladesh 1971" at BAC

Statue of "Victory of Bangladesh 1971"

HOUSTON  – Mr. Rajib Siddique - an internationally renowned sculptor and artist has designed and built a 17-foot statue to signify the friendship and peace in culminating the true spirit of freedman in portraying the “Victory of Bangladesh 1971” statue . He was assisted by another renowned sculptor, Ms. Stephanie Cox along with few other artists. This 17-foot statue is made of “cold copper casting” and was built near Austin, Texas, over the past 2 years. On one side of the statue displays the bravery of a freedom fighter of 1971 and the other side represents the mutual friendship and multi-cultural bridge between Bangladesh and the USA.
About 9 months ago, a Texan resident Mr. Manzur Morshed Manzil coordinated to find a permanent location for the “Statue of Victory”. Mr. Morshed worked with the Chairperson of Bangladesh Association, Houston (BAH), Mr. Shah Haleem and then Bangladesh American Center (BAC) Director, Mr. Hasan Rahman, to determine the resting place of the statue. It was later decided to be placed near the main entrance of the Bangladesh American Center.

This Statue of Victory of Bangladesh 1971 will be the icon of mutual friendship and multi-cultural bridge between USA and Bangladesh, like the Statue of Liberty in New York represents the friendship of France and USA. This is the first time such a mutual icon be placed in a foreign soil to represent the tradition of Bangladesh. The BAC infrastructure provides the health clinic, continuing education classes, auditorium, museum, library, and multi-cultural activities. Now the Statue of Victory completes the missing elements to our friendship and the bridge. Sitting on a 4-acre land, it will be the first community-owned non-profit venture in the history of all Bangladeshi-Americans living in the United States.

The ribbon cutting ceremony will take place soon (will be announced) at 13415 Renn Road, Houston, TX 77083. Many dignitaries will grace this occasion along with leaders from the Bangladeshi-American Community, International Community, and Houston Business Community.

1) Rajib Siddique, 818-171-834-0151
2) Manzur Morshed, 979.877.8796
3) Shah Haleem, 281.748.9880,
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
4) Hasan Rahman, 281.660.9254, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


BAH management is excited to share that the Phase-1 construction of Bangladesh American Center
has began on July 02, 2012.
Here is a short BAC construction video link: (Click here)
Video Clip of Bangladesh American Center Construction Project  03/03/2013 (Click Here)
See the latest progress of BAC Construction taken Dec 8, 2012 (Click here)
See BAC Expense Report as of January 14, 2013 (Click here)

The Second Bangladesh American Center Donor Conference (BACDC2) held on November 3, 2012
at the Stafford Civic Center. Main attraction of the event was a Concert by Miles Group from Bangladesh.
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Mitu sent me text in the morning to send the Picnic poster.
Here it is.
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BAC Donor Conference video of June 04, 2011 (by Azadul Haq)
BAC History in Photos since inception (by Naz Husain)

Bi-weekly Sunday BAC Clinic
From 2:00pm to 5:00pm – starting February 26, 2012.
Call 281-886-7822 for schedule (Click here for poster)
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See Bangla Pathshala poster (click here)

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